As residents of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area, we are privileged to live in a vibrant city with dynamic roads connecting us to our work, schools, friends, and favorite places. But we must remember that our streets are shared spaces meant to be safe for everyone—motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and all others.

Today, our region faces a significant challenge: over 750 major transportation projects remain unfunded. These necessary initiatives will cost billions of dollars and take decades to complete. While these projects are critical for our long-term safety and prosperity, we must also recognize the immediate needs of our streets.

This is where Slow Down Sacramento steps in. We are an advocacy organization committed to promoting safer streets NOW. How? By inspiring change where it matters most: with ourselves, the daily users of the roads.

The truth is stark: speed kills. The faster we drive, the more likely collisions will result in serious injury or even death, particularly for vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists. We can make our streets safer today by committing to driving within the speed limit, being courteous to all road users, following the rules of the road, always stopping for pedestrians, and making space for those riding or rolling.

Join the Movement

By signing up with Slow Down Sacramento, you’re joining a community of responsible citizens who understand that our actions have the power to transform our city. This is not just about following traffic rules; it’s about fostering a culture of respect and safety on our roads. It’s about taking a deep breath, easing off the accelerator, looking out for one another, and recognizing that we all have places to go and deserve to get there safely.

Calling All Organizations

We invite local organizations, businesses, and initiatives to join us in our mission. By joining Slow Down Sacramento, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to the safety of our community. Together, we can amplify our message and inspire more Sacramento residents to slow down, drive safely, and be better stewards of our shared roadways.

Ready to make a difference?

It’s time to be part of the solution. Let’s slow down, Sacramento. Sign Up Now!

Slow Down Sacramento is a campaign sponsored by the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association.